Magic Mondays!

Happy Monday! I hope you enjoyed your weekend and feel refreshed!

I’m excited today to introduce the Magic Mondays series!

I titled this series Magic Mondays because honestly, Mondays are rough! I for one would like a shift in my own mindset about the dreaded Moooondaaaay. Muahahahahaha!! (I hope that came through as a scary, creepy voice)!

I will share quick and easy tips to make Mondays more magic than manic. Fun hair and make up tips along with things that make my morning and myself feel brighter!

Today…my beautiful cup of coffee, preset last night to brew upon waking, of course. This is  certainly a perk (see what I did there? hehe..) to starting the week off on the right foot.


Next, the hair. In case y’all don’t know, temperatures here in the Big D have been 100 degrees the last few days. I’m a Texan girl, and I love my long, big hair! Therefore, it is necessary to be well acquainted with braids and buns. Today I put my hair in a high ponytail, braided a section of it, wrapped my hair around the ponytail and the braid around the bun. It was looking like a possible hair fail, but I just love it when messy, tousled hair debacles turn into something fabulous, or super cute at the very least! I fastened with two bobby pins and loosened the braid and bun for maximum volume! Chic, fast and perfect for second day hair. Dry shampoo will also help give volume when fixing your ‘do!

Lastly, the clothes. Comfy and expressive! I love tanks and tees that feel like they were made with me in mind! The one I’m wearing below says, “I just want to drink coffee, save animals and do yoga.” Umm…all true! Coffee and I are best buds, I work with a rescue group and have the joy of fostering doggies until they find their FURever home. I have also been a certified yoga teacher since 2010. SO perfectly expressive and comfy! 🙂


At first, I attempted to look pensive in the above photo with focus on the tank top. Let me just say that was a load of laughs for me and the hubby! Apparently, I do cheeseball pretty well though!


I’d love to hear your tips of making Mondays less stressful, or any day for that matter! Please feel free to comment below.

Thanks for stopping by ~ Toodles!


4 thoughts on “Magic Mondays!

  1. My tip for everyday is to NOT wake up in a rush. Waking up on time allows me to leisurely drink my coffe, listen to the news and get ready for the day without rushing. As tempting as it is to turn the alarm off and stay in bed, DON’T do it!!


  2. First of all, I just want to say that you’re so beautiful and I love your hair! That tank top is perfect, I totally need one.

    I can’t function without coffee, so that’s definitely number one on my list. During my coffee, I drink it slowly and do a bit of meditation (multitasking for the win!). I think about the choices I will need to make today, I can either have a productive day and feel accomplished when I return to bed, or I can do little work and feel as though I’ve wasted my day. I make a conscious effort to say that I will choose productivity and fulfillment. This always leaves me feeling really good in the morning, like I can take on the world. Positive vibes!
    Next is outer confidence. I make sure I have half an hour to spend on my hair and make up. Feeling confident always sparks a more get-up-and-go attitude, to it’s a definite must-do for me!
    Lastly, take on the world! 😉


    1. Thank you so much Katey! You are too kind, and I absolutely love how you start your day! I try to do the same (might be in a future Magic Mondays post) 😉 but it certainly doesn’t happen that way for me on a daily basis, lol. Absolutely on outer confidence, and I believe your daily routine gives you that inner confidence as well. Go on with your bad self Katey!! 🙂


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