I am SO in love with air plants right now! My thumb isn’t exactly green, and unfortunately some of my houseplants have bit the dust…err dirt. 😉
Bringing the outside in can certainly brighten up a home! Plants have now become a huge MUST for me when decorating. Air plants are so simple and lovely! You can put them just about anywhere and care is minimal.
Air plants or Tillandsia are plants that do not require soil for growth. They absorb nutrients through their leaves.
  • Soak the leaves in rain water, filtered water, or let your tap water sit out overnight (to avoid as much chlorine as possible). Do this once per week for approximately an hour. I’ve read variances from thirty minutes to an hour and a half. Play around with your air plants to see what works best. For me, it’s an hour or less. Over-soaking will lead to the death of your plant. Once you’ve soaked them, place them in an area with good circulation to dry. I set mine out under the fan for about two hours.
  • Air plants need bright, but indirect light so place a few feet away from windows facing E/W and fluorescent lights.
  • Use a water soluble fertilizer in small doses if you want to stimulate growth.

Now that you know how to care for your air plants, let’s get to the fun part:


Since these plants are rootless there are more options for decor and placement!


Use a vase for a traditional look as shown above and below.


Find interesting nooks and crannies in your existing decor to let these little plants pop out of, like this wood carving above!


Feeling the boho vibe? Hang your air plants from a N/S window sill with string or cord.
Or place them on your wall in creative ways! Above, I placed two plants on top of the wooden piece which not only looks great, but camouflages the hardware. I placed one on a wooden coaster and simply secured it with gold string I had on hand. Lastly, I wrapped a faux leather headband around the root of the long plant and hooked it to the wall! 😀
I would love to hear about your experiences and decor ideas with air plants. Let me know in the comments below!

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