TOP 5 Reasons to Practice Yoga

I have been practicing yoga since 2007, teaching yoga since 2010 and will gladly be a student of yoga forever!

My first class was hot yoga, 98.6 degrees, hard as all get out, and I. was. hooked. !!!

The benefits I received from a regular yoga practice changed my life in such an incredible way that I wanted to share it with everyone around me. I kicked that 9-5 job to the curb and haven’t looked back! Actually it wasn’t quite that simple, but that’s for another blog post someday.

 Below are my TOP 5 reasons to practice yoga:

 1.  It makes me happy! We all know exercise releases endorphins, and endorphins make us happy! <- Channeling my inner Elle from Legally Blonde 😉 I have never been a huge fan of the gym or high impact cardio. I get winded just running to the mailbox to see if my Amazon orders have arrived! Teehee. Seriously though, pretty much ANYONE can do yoga. It’s not about being bendy. Even on the most basic level, western yoga is about moving your body. Do you have back pain, arthritis, or other conditions you think are holding you back? Me too. It’s okay. Get on your mat! (Check with your doctor first of course for ANY medical issues. This is simply my experience.)

2.  It gets me out of my head. That’s right. The hamster wheel upstairs is always spinning. The hamster wheel spins from the moment these peepers gratefully open each morning til I lay my head to rest at night. But for however long I practice yoga, the wheel stops. The wheel ceases to exist for that short amount of time b/c I’m so focused on the postures and listening to what my body is saying to me. Getting out of my own head is seriously EVERYTHING! I call my practice ‘my moving meditation.’

Photo Credit to John Hooper


3.  Yoga makes me taller! It’s true, I pinky promise!! When practiced correctly, certain poses can decompress the spine and discs causing pain reduction and elongation…which means yep, taller! Better posture, added height and decreased back pain giving me an all-around more pleasant presence? Yes, please.

Photo Credit to John Hooper

See my forearms pressed to the road as my toes reach towards the sky? That’s elongating my spine AND decompressing…upside down! See that deep bend in my back though? That means I need to reach higher!! 😀 No worries, there are many postures that will give the same benefits without being on your head!


4.  It reduces pain. (As previously mentioned in #3 above.) Over time, the mind-body connection can become quite strong. When you know which parts of your body are weak and which parts are overworked, you can tailor your practice to bring the body back into balance. Balance makes for a happy and healthy yogi!


5.  Yoga calms me down. Hello! My name is Kelli, and I have a lot of feelings. 🙂 I tend to carry those feelings in my body. Whether it’s flutters in my tummy, that sinking feeling in my gut, an ache in my heart or joy in my soul…I can be still and simply feel or process my emotions one pose at a time, one breath at a time and just be.

Photo Credit to John Hooper

I wasn’t really levitating you silly geese! Yoga does make me feel light as air though!!

There are SO many more than 5 reasons as to why I love yoga, and I look forward to sharing my yoga journey with you here on A Plot Twist Life!

Do you yoga? I’d love to know about your TOP reasons! Please feel free to share in the comments below.

Peace, love and light y’all!


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