Whatcha Doing Wednesday?

Happy Hump Day! Monday is behind us, and the weekend is just in sight. Today I’ll be trying my hand at pyrography, also known as wood burning! I’ve had an instruction booklet, wood burning kit and wood for a while now. Initially, I wanted to carve me and my husband’s name into the large piece of wood and later carve our initials into our oak tree outside because it was our fifth wedding anniversary! Well, after I started reading up on it I realized wood burning may not be as easy as I had anticipated. It’s okay, hubby said we could still celebrate “wood” on EVERY anniversary, ha!

I purchased all my supplies at Michael’s Craft Store, which is by far my favorite craft store!


Walnut, birch wood, pine and aspen are great to work with for wood burning due to their softness with minimal grain. Although, I like the wood with imperfections. It makes them unique!


Please be sure to read all instructions thoroughly and work outside or a well ventilated area. Make sure the wood burning tool you choose has a guard to protect your fingers from an accidental burn.

I look forward to sharing the results with you soon. It will be a WIN or a DIY Oopsie!!

Are you a pro at wood burning or just getting started like me? Either way, I’d love to hear your tips and answer any questions in the comments below.

Toodles noodles!



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