Essential Oils for Pets

My dogs are basically furry toddlers with old souls and huge hearts! So it comes to no surprise that I’m invested in their wellness and overall happiness. I can facilitate that in a more natural way with essential oils!

The first time I used essential oils for my dogs I made a spray mixture to keep bugs away when the dogs are enjoying the outdoors with us. It smelled great to me (not the bugs!) and worked well so I became curious of additional uses. I did some research, and wouldn’t you know that OF COURSE they’re good for our pets, just as they are for us!

Young Living essential oils are the ONLY oils I trust. This infographic is a great place to start, giving general guidelines when using oils for your pets.


I look forward to sharing the many ways I’ve incorporated essential oils into my pet’s lives for their wellness and happiness. Feel free to comment if you have additional tips!


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