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You will see a lot of posts here on A Plot Twist Life that include essential oils because they have been such a wonderful addition to my wellness program. I use Young Living, and this page is to explain why and how you can too!

I began using essential oils when my cousin expressed all the positive benefits she and her family had experienced from Young Living. I have been a yoga teacher since 2010 and have always been interested in, and in the know of, all sorts of wellness products. Honestly, I had been approached MANY times from friends in my community about different essential oil brands, but I figured oils were just another “wellness fad.” However, I trust my dear cousin and her love to research! 😀 Since I’ve known her all my life it was easy to understand how these oils affected her family in such positive ways because I know her lifestyle and family needs so well! She gave me a few samples, and all I can say is, “WOW!” I saw benefits right away and was interested in knowing more. That’s when I ordered the Premium Starter Kit.


The eleven oils in this collection provide ongoing support for home, health, and body. Plus, it comes with your choice of essential oil diffuser, samples of the top 5 most commonly used oils and glass sample bottles to share with friends and family! This gave me the opportunity to try out the most popular oils and their diverse uses. Once you’ve ordered your kit, you can sit back and enjoy a member perk, WHOLESALE 24% DISCOUNT! There’s even more good stuff, but that’s for another day. 🙂

If you’re ready to order with Young Living? ORDER HERE

Instructions to complete the sign-up form for your Premium Starter Kit:

  1. Choose MEMBER
  2. Be sure the Sponsor ID/Enroller ID spot is filled out with number 3246269 (Please add if the number is not already there)
  3. Choose your country & language preference
  4. Fill in personal information (address, email, phone number)
  5. Select a user name, password for logging in and 4 digit pin (SSN or PIN needed in the event someone wants to join you on this journey, but you are not required to sell anything to maintain wholesale membership)
  6. Fill in your tax preference (One more time for good measure 🙂 – SSN or PIN needed in the event someone wants to join you on this journey, but you are not required to sell anything to maintain wholesale membership)
  7. Check the box to agree with Young Living terms
  8. Choose your Premium Starter kit (Standard Kit – most popular with eleven oils and choice of diffuser, Thieves Premium kit or NingXia Red kit)
  9. You’ll have the option to earn additional saving through Essential Rewards program (You can do this now, later or never – it’s up to you!)
  10. Select the blue box for Enrollment Checkout.
  11. Choose shipping method and enter payment information
  12. Review cart and be sure to select ACTIVATE AND PLACE ORDER 🙂

I choose to use Young Living not only because of my cousin’s fantastic research skills, but because of their Seed to Seal process.


You can read more in the online 2016 Young Living catalog which includes the retail and wholesale prices.


Whatever oil brand you choose, please do your research first.

Stay tuned for posts about how I use essential oils in my everyday life! 🙂



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