Marvelous Mid Century Modern!

I couldn’t wait another minute to share the amazing Mid Century Modern finds we stumbled upon right here in the neighborhood last weekend! I love how life gives you what you need when you stop looking. Okay, I never REALLY stopped looking. I’m always perusing Craigslist and estate sales for great pieces. But alas, they are mostly too pricey for my budget. However, the fates smiled upon us last week when my husband left the house early to pick up dog food. It’s a minor emergency when the doggies don’t have breakfast. We don’t want a K-9 riot, or better yet…the stare!


Let me tell you, no one gives “the stare” better than a rescue dog! And ahem, all of our dogs are rescues!

Before I get off track on my fur kids, let’s get back to the fantastic furniture! Fortunately, Chuck and I both have a love for Mid Century Modern so we agree MOST of the time on home decor. 🙂

Hubby inherited his father’s coveted George Nelson Herman Miller Walnut Executive Desk. The large, yet beautiful desk demands attention and has been the perfect item to build our home design around.


Several years ago we also purchased a sideboard and Eames inspired lounge chair.

Since then, we had not been able to add to our collection…until now y’all!!

There was a garage sale right around the corner as you leave our neighborhood. It was maybe 8am so the sale was just underway. I won’t say exactly how much we spent, but I will say it was quite a bit less than an iPhone6!!!  <Yes, it requires that many explanation points b/c this girl right here is over the moon excited, grateful and still in disbelief at the bargain we received!

Check it out:

This beautiful bedroom suite, including the box spring and rarely before used Thera-Pedic, temperature sensitive, memory touch mattress is in near perfect condition. This mattress has already helped my back pain. Plus, I’m just in love with the knotty wood and warm color. It brightened up our room and has me re-thinking the entire bedroom decor. More DIY and decorating? Happy to do it! 😉


Next, this Drexel side table and TEAC reel to reel audio tape recorder (which is OLD b/c I had to look it up, ha!) Here’s where I start getting supper giddy! :-p 


Here we have the Barzilay stereo cabinet with three components: Fisher receiver, Gerrard turntable and a Columbia eight track deck. I’m still squealing!!

FullSizeRender 2IMG_5260

Gorgeous, right?!

Here is a close up of one of the speakers. Please excuse the dust. This was before I cleaned these beauties up!


I can’t believe everything was in such great shape after so many decades, AND the record player works to boot! WOOT!!

Here are the side tables and stools we bought as well.



Last but not least, we also now have an amazing Danish Modern American of Martinsville Hutch.  Currently, my dining room has a dining set…and curtains. Now I will have space for my china and it will be visible for all to see and admire (I’ll probably be the one  doing most of the admiring, lol!). Oh, and I adore the “x” inlays on the corners of the table top!


Sorry about the reflection. Our dining room windows are shaded by trees so the light was a necessity.

I’m still researching the brands of the other pieces and will update when I find the information. Feel free to chime in on the comments section if you know! 🙂

Ahhh…continuously making a house homier is just the best. Don’t you agree?


Easy Furniture Makeover

Yes, the first DIY project I decided to take on was painting an Early American bedroom suite! Go big or go home, right? 🙂 This furniture has found it’s way into many of my relative’s homes throughout the years. When my aunt no longer needed it I decided this would be a great DIY project and also extra furniture to fill a new, larger home! Woohoo!!

I had done some research online and came across Annie Sloan Chalk Paint. This stuff sounded PERFECT! No stripping or priming necessary. No toxic smell. Wax the furniture upon completion and voila! It sounded like something this self proclaimed “uncreative” girl could actually do! This paint is super versatile and easy to use so check it out at Luckily for me, there is a dealer for this brand of paint inside my favorite antique mall! Another reason to go antiquing? Yes, please. 🙂

As you can see from the photos below, the furniture is sturdy and in fantastic shape. It’s just a weeeeeeee bit outdated! All the hardware is original, also in great shape with no missing pieces. I just didn’t think about taking photos until the process was underway. That happens when you don’t realize you’ll be starting a blog about this someday! 😀

Supplies used for this project:

  • Annie Sloan Chalk Paint (I used Paris Grey)
  • Annie Sloan Clear Wax
  • Rust-Oleum Ultra Cover 2x Satin Canyon Black Spray Paint
  • Good quality paint and wax brushes; a lint free cloth can also be used for waxing
  • Screwdriver for removing and reattaching hardware


After much consideration, I decided to go with Annie Sloan’s Paris Grey color. I thought it would be super refreshing for these dark, heavy pieces. I pulled out the drawers and  removed the hardware prior to painting. The paint is fairly thick giving optimum coverage in minimal coats making this project easy, even for those of us that get distracted by shiny things! After the paint was dry I applied Annie Sloan’s Soft Wax.


You can see that too much wax has been applied in the above picture, on the right door. Oh boo! 😦


Apparently wax can be tricky for those accustomed to polyurethane. However, I had no experience with poly so I thought the wax worked well! I didn’t apply it perfectly the first time, but now I know for next time. 🙂

My advice from the experience:

  • Apply the soft wax sparingly with an Annie Sloan wax brush, lint free cloth or any other good quality wax brush. I found that a soft cloth was best for big surfaces while the brush allowed me to get into the grooves and designs of the wood. If you have applied too much wax the paint will feel soft and somewhat sticky leaving it vulnerable to dents from decor and a magnet for dust. I know this b/c of course it happened to me! In this case additional buffing will be necessary. Find your inner karate kid and WAX OFF!!

I actually went to the local craft store to sample new hardware. None of it felt right right in comparison to the original hardware. After trying out flat, satin and gloss finishes, I decided to paint the hardware a sleek, modern Rust-Oleum Ultra Cover 2x Satin Canyon Black. The hardware was the only thing I painted outside. The chalk paint barely had a scent. I was able to throw down a drop cloth and get right to it without worry of moving furniture back and forth, airing out the house, etc. I reattached the hardware and OH. MY. GOODNESS. Same exact furniture and hardware but an entirely new vibe!



I hope you enjoyed this quick and easy makeover project! My family members that have had this furniture in their home at one time or another are in awe of the difference a little paint made on this fabulous bedroom suite.

Do you have an older piece of furniture just waiting for a makeover? Go on and get after it! I was so thrilled with the outcome! This first project gave me the confidence I needed to continue exploring the world of DIY. Happy Painting y’all!