I am SO in love with air plants right now! My thumb isn’t exactly green, and unfortunately some of my houseplants have bit the dust…err dirt. 😉
Bringing the outside in can certainly brighten up a home! Plants have now become a huge MUST for me when decorating. Air plants are so simple and lovely! You can put them just about anywhere and care is minimal.
Air plants or Tillandsia are plants that do not require soil for growth. They absorb nutrients through their leaves.
  • Soak the leaves in rain water, filtered water, or let your tap water sit out overnight (to avoid as much chlorine as possible). Do this once per week for approximately an hour. I’ve read variances from thirty minutes to an hour and a half. Play around with your air plants to see what works best. For me, it’s an hour or less. Over-soaking will lead to the death of your plant. Once you’ve soaked them, place them in an area with good circulation to dry. I set mine out under the fan for about two hours.
  • Air plants need bright, but indirect light so place a few feet away from windows facing E/W and fluorescent lights.
  • Use a water soluble fertilizer in small doses if you want to stimulate growth.

Now that you know how to care for your air plants, let’s get to the fun part:


Since these plants are rootless there are more options for decor and placement!


Use a vase for a traditional look as shown above and below.


Find interesting nooks and crannies in your existing decor to let these little plants pop out of, like this wood carving above!


Feeling the boho vibe? Hang your air plants from a N/S window sill with string or cord.
Or place them on your wall in creative ways! Above, I placed two plants on top of the wooden piece which not only looks great, but camouflages the hardware. I placed one on a wooden coaster and simply secured it with gold string I had on hand. Lastly, I wrapped a faux leather headband around the root of the long plant and hooked it to the wall! 😀
I would love to hear about your experiences and decor ideas with air plants. Let me know in the comments below!

Antique is so CHIC!

Happy, happy day y’all! The weekend is just in sight. One of my favorite things to do on the weekend (or whenever I can squeeze it in really) is to go antiquing!

Today I’d like to shine a light on how ah-maze-balls antique stores can be! My favorite super local one is High Street Antique Mall, If I were to venture farther out into Dallas, my favorite of all time is hands down Lula B’s, I’ve literally been shopping there since I was nineteen years old. Trust me, that’s a long time! If you’re ever out in the Big D, check these places out! You’ll be happy you did. 🙂

Full disclosure, I am a Mid-Century Modern gal with bohemian flair…IF you had to box me into one category. However, I love other eras and you’ll often see various influences in my crafts and design choices.

Speaking of bohemian flare, check out these GORGEOUS agate rings I found just the other day at my local antique store! These rings are unique, gorgeous and fantastic conversation starters!


Also, I LOVE taking pictures! I want to capture every memory to look back fondly on one day. ❤ This is what sparked my interest in vintage cameras. My collection is quite small right now, but I found these gems at my local antique store.


Despite my love for antique/vintage, I certainly do enjoy keeping up with the newest in technology, especially when it reminds me of the old just like this Kodak Instax Mini!


…and it’s adorable case.


The older cameras will look fabulous with my new MCM furniture! This table is just a peak at the over the moon deal my husband found at a garage sale right around the corner!


I mean seriously, I squealed with delight while doing a little hop-jiggy dance and clapping my hands! 😍 It was just like one of those myths you hear about…just happening upon a garage sale as it’s opening to find MCM furniture in beautiful shape at a knock your socks off, blow your mind price! I mean, those things only happen to other people right?!

Well, keep antiquing, thrifting and garage sale hunting peeps b/c there are diamonds in the rough all around. We just have to be willing to put that extra effort in! I can not wait to show you our amazing MCM finds in a future post.

Easy DIY Faux Sheepskin Rugs

I just LOVE the lush look of fur, don’t you? It adds so much texture and warmth to a space. However, the only real fur I plan to wear is the fur left on my pants from the four legged fur babies! Therefore, I went on the hunt for faux sheepskin fur and found it at Jo-Ann Fabric and Crafts.

These rugs can be placed just about anywhere, instantly making your space more interesting! I wanted several for different parts of my home. Similar rugs retail individually  for approximately the total I paid in fabric to make six rugs!

Enter fabric store. I purchased five yards (which was all they had left at the time) of cream colored faux fur for around $12.99 per yard. Check for weekly discounts that are definitely worth the few seconds it takes to look them up! If there’s not a location in your area, you can order online or find a fabric store near you.


  • Sheepskin hide template I created freehand from an old yoga mat
  • Faux sheepskin fur (I purchased five yards)
  • IKEA Stop Filt Rug Underlay  *Optional
  • Adhesive Velcro  *Optional
  • Scissors

Call me crazy, but I totally free handed the sheepskin hide (not every hide is perfect or identical right?) 😉  I Googled sheepskin rugs and freehanded the shape onto an old yoga mat. I then cut out the shape and used it as a template. I traced the shape onto the back of the fabric and simply cut it out with fabric scissors. Don’t worry about rough edges. Fluff the fur, and you won’t even see the edges! 🙂

If these are for decorative use only then consider this project done! Say whaaaaat?! :-O Yes, that’s it! Leave the fabric as is to be gathered a bit to your taste or tossed over a chair for an easy, relaxed look.


If you’re using these on the floor then I STRONGLY suggest an anti-slip underlay. I purchased IKEA STOPP FILT Rug Underlay with anti-slip, size 5’x7′ for $11.99. I have concrete floors downstairs and this underlay works y’all! No slipping and sliding, yay!

I cut out the underlay fabric using my oh so professional yoga mat stencil and applied peel and stick velcro to attach it to the rug. I made the pads removable for washing purposes. Also, it’s just nice to have the convenience down the road if I decide to use the faux sheepskin in a different way.



I initially made these as throws for my dining room chairs last winter. Some of them have moved around since then to serve as rugs or throws on living room seating. I do put them back in the dining room though for gatherings. 😉

Can you hear it? What?! It’s the dining room SCREAMING for a makeover! Stay tuned to see how I transform this Early American dining set into something spectacular!